I’m Off!!!!

Today I am boarding a plan to explore Tanzania and hopefully other parts of Africa as well. So many people have helped me prepare for this trip that I feel I can hardly call it a solo adventure – without all the amazing support of friends and family, this trip would not be possible. Before boarding my plane to Amsterdam, I wanted to thank a few people who helped me get ready.

First my family for supporting this crazy idea, dealing with last minute storage stuff, letting me stay at their various houses and providing so much encouragement! My swimming friends, Aubrie, Dave, Jenn, and Julie for helping me pack up my house. Christina for helping me sort through clothes and pack my bags – twice! Chris for her many ideas and visit from California to help my do some packing. Pete for his great ideas on how to move around safely in a foreign country. Todd for his great support and managing my finances. Steve for figuring out what to do with the Tahoe. Samantha and Kent for housing the Xterra. Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who, when I mentioned this idea, told me you thought it was a great opportunity! I am looking forward to an amazing adventure. I am not really doing this solo, I have all of you along with me! THANK YOU!